TECH Atrix 4G v.anybodygettingit?


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Nov 20, 2001

despite the impressive hardware, there's nothing out there in the app market to drive it to even half it's potential. my high definition movies are all on a home server and a portable hard drive for use away from home, so i dont need its high def playback capabilities as well as the capability being useless on it's miniature, obviously not high def screen (qHD). it's also generally not a good idea, IMO, to depend on smartphone as storage for things like watching movies while connected to a TV as it then becomes troublesome to use it for things like communication. i also own a very thin and light laptop, so the Palm Folio dumb terminal attachment wouldnt save me space or weight in convenience or portability. lastly, without any provisions for LTE, it is guaranteed to become obsolete connectivity-wise within a year, correlating to AT&T's plan to switch on LTE.

that said, my G2 and iPhone combination will continue to serve my smartphone needs through at least the next year or whenever LTE expands beyond the current 31 markets.

yes, i put a lot of thought into this when i saw everything being released at CES and MWC this year. i quickly realized the new features like HD playback over HDMI is one of the only things that taxes the impressive hardware, but that type of usage becomes limited when using the device as a phone... my communication needs wont allow my device to be able to go unused as a video player for 2 hours, and stopping a movie others may be watching so i can send a text message is just :greddy: because of the low overhead of current Android apps due to fragmentation, my G2 has enough power to run any Android apps that are released for the next year or more.
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May 11, 2007
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Agree about the laptop attachment, as well as the HD dock. I'm replacing my G1 finally, and the wife has an iPhone requirement so it was either jump to VZ or AT&T. I'm pretty used to slow internet (G1 isn't the quickest on the block) so even HSPDA+ for a while is fine I'm thinking. I tend to keep phones for a while so I figure this is about as future proof as it gets right now. My only real complaint is that the bootloader is locked.... here is to hoping!


yo ninja.
Nov 20, 2001
yeah, if you're replacing something like the G1, id say go for it. as for a fully rootable device, you can always go for the HTC Insight, or whatever AT&T's name for the HTC Desire HD is.


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Jun 10, 2004
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Returning mine as soon as my ebay captivate gets here... doesn't play hardly any video formats natively, screen is just dull, no color vibrance at all, and can only track 2 inputs at a time... didn't think that would be a big deal, but if you hold it a certain way it can't track the finger you're actually trying to touch with.


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Feb 26, 2004
They have problems with handing off the wifi data connection to the cell network, so data won't work at all unless you reboot it or go back to wifi. Motorola is working on it but they had nothing more concrete than. That was the big thing but it also had pretty bad battery life and I just really didn't like the motoblur UI.

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