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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by tommyortom, Nov 2, 2004.

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    im having a refurbished V600 sent to me this week cuz my screen backlight isnt working alot of the times.....its under the 1 year warranty still and i just pay 15 for shipping.....i read on the site that if they find any physical or water damage, that i end up paying for the physical damage to they mean severely dropped or cracked...cuz i have a few small scrathes on it from it sliding around my car and my pocket...hopefully they arent dicks and bill me for it, because i wont pay it....also on the top 3 big keys on my keypad, i picked the paint of cuz the POS was chipping after like a month and i think it looks better with no paint...i hope they dont fuck me on that because it has nothing to do with the damn backlight going out...anyone work for att or had a phone replaced under warranty?
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    as far as the scratches on the outside, if they are lite then i wouldnt worry about it. as for the keys, thats questionable but probably wont be a problem

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