Attention Nec 2500a Owners - Firmware upgrade...[no more riplock]

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Raider007, Jan 29, 2004.

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    grab the riplock firmware with windows installer and flash your drive, i just did and i just went from ripping movies at average 4000kb/s and taking 20+ minutes to just under 8000kb/s and averaging 10-13 minutes to rip a movie...

    just download it, extract the 2 files into the same folder and double click on the flash program, 30 seconds later, reboot your computer and it's done...if you're worried, you can download the original firmware also from the same site.

    just make sure you have only 1 bin/firmware file in the same folder as the flasher utility...

    if something goes wrong, i can't help you....

    Movie: The Family Man
    Running time: 2:06 hours
    Rip Speed: 7,954 KB/s
    Total rip time: 12:26 minutes
    Files size: 4,300 megs.


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