ATTN: all DELL laptop users running XP (or any OS other than stock)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by txcobra96, Jul 1, 2004.

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    normally, my old DELL is all good. but i installed XP about a year ago...and sometimes, when i have nothing else to do, and i start running 10 diff progs, and she tends to heat up a bit.... well, common sense finally kicked in, i knew it shouldnt be running that hot...i looked up some info online (limited myself to 3 windows... here is what you dooo.. :cool:

    1. go here, read this info:

    2. remove any speedfan type fan opp prog/software:
    *(if you have a fan prog, like i did) goto> control panel, add remove progs, remove/ uninstall

    3. download this:

    4. then read the manual, select cooling for meeting, normal gaming, etc

    5. enjoy your new cooler laptop, and try and donate to the site...

    ( when i did all this, i heard my fan, which i naively thought, was broken= wake the fuck up and kick on...) needless to say... impressive :big grin:


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