A&P Attn Photographers: Freedom To Photograph needs your stories

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    Sep 2, 2003
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    Photographers, www.FreedomToPhotograph.com needs your stories about run-in’s with the law and the outcome, along with how you were treated. Our rights to photograph in public places have been on attack and get even more scrutiny since the homeland security bill was passed. Lawmakers are trying to make in illegal to take pictures of buildings or even have cameras on you in certain parts of cities across America and around the world, even while standing on publicly funded roads and sidewalks.

    www.FreedomToPhotograph.com was created to bring awareness to this situation. Almost daily, photographers are being taken into custody, having film seized and being held without being read their Miranda Rights while being questioned for hours on end. Sharing your stories will only help to enlighten those who are unaware of the situation, and help lobby lawmakers to enforce the laws we have, protect the rights we have and help pass new laws so that our Freedom to Photograph will not be taken away.

    The site is driven by you, the photographer, and is dynamically updatable and ever changing. We encourage you to share your stories, both positive and negative outcomes as we are not trying to crucify law enforcment. To do so, please visit www.FreedomToPhotograph.com and click the Contribute link in the menu. After you fill out the form, a staff member will be in contact with you shortly and provide you with login information so that you may publish your story. If you would like to submit a story anomymously, you may, full directions are located here: http://freedomtophotograph.com/contribute.php

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