ATTN Toshiba: YOu suck, v. goddamnharddrive

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by sp33d, Aug 16, 2006.

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    So i have a Toshiba s479 laptop, well its pretty much been a POS since i got it. (its a company laptop) i didnt pay for it.

    Well the damn hard drive fried its self. Lost everything yay!

    So i call this wonderful company of retards, and derelicts. And they say "Well sir, we can help you get your computer running again but its 59.99 a hour for support" ok kiss my ass, So your telling me some guy that can barely speak english is some how going to repair a dead hard drive threw the magical waves of a phone? hmm i would pay 59.99 for that. rant over.

    SO basically after an hour on the phone i finally gets the parts department. So for a OEM Toshiba HD 60gb $390.00 or i can get a hitachi for $349.99. So i ask you, my homies if there is a cheaper place to get a god damn hard drive for this Piece of shit?:x::x:

    Thanks! :bowdown::bowdown:

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