audio and video out of sync

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by XO, Aug 4, 2003.

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    Alright, specs:
    amd 2500+ oc'd to 2.19ghz, bus speed at 200mhz
    1gig of crucial ddr400 ram
    msi board nforce 2 chipset
    80 gig wd special ed
    on board sound and a sound blaster live pci card
    ati 9700 pro aiw.

    As the title say's, my sound and video are out of sync by close to a second. I've tried turning off the onboard sound and running my soundblaster which made no difference...other than the fact that the sb sounded like crap. First guess would be either the oc or maybe a bad video codec. This problem occurs on .mpeg, divx, .avi, .mov and using my tv tuner. Would using a tv tuner still use a codec? I've tried installing new ones but they made no difference.

    I need a way to find out if the video is the problem or if it's the audio.

    Also, I can't seem to reset my overclock back to normal. I oc'd it right out of the box and then the auto msi update thing flashed the bios and now it reads it as a amd 3200+ :ugh:

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