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    Doing some mind numbing ecommerce crap, and I got tired of slogging through debug output to figure out what is going on... so I wrote a little role for Catalyst's logger than lets me do:

    $c->log->speak("Made it here, value of foo is $foo");

    It just does system("say $txt &"); and OS X's say utility speaks the debug message to me, if I have the SPEAK environment variable set.

    Mostly I just use it to say things like "beep" to tell me I got some place, but I'll also use it to say things like "1", "2", "3" in different parts of a program to figure out which states are getting hit and which aren't.

    I also put a speak call in the test server, so that when I save a file and it reloads the server, it tells me when its ready for testing - there is a several second delay.

    No reason this couldn't be taken further...

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