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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by spoofy, Oct 27, 2005.

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    I need to setup a decent audio system for my office. But here is the issue. I work in a security operations center. Basicly a fairly large room with around 5-7 people in it at any given time. Normally I simply play music from my workstation really loud and everyone listens. However my boss said I could by a system ..and mount speakers on the walls.. etc..

    And.... they recently gave us all Nano's with the company logo on it. So... I basicly need to setup a system where I can put speakers on the walls.. AND allow anyone in my group to plug their nano in..and play music... or stream it from a workstation.. which i think would be best.. to simply setup an airport express and let people stream from itunes.

    anyway ..anyone have any suggestions? the system cant be too loud (lawyers office nextdoor) but loud enough for everyone to hear..with some decent bass.
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    How much do u want? You can go to Walmart, get a decent home sound system (i got a pretty nice RCA for like 175, 5 speakers, 1 sub, and a base unit).
    I usually use it at like below half voulme and i have to keep my door closed.

    There are also some really nice ones at walmart, 500+ philips and sony.

    If you really want, u can find a base thing (the thing u plug the speakers into) then get 4 bose 161 (something like that, they are about 160 a pair) speakers, and a sub from somewhere)

    As for plugging in the nanos, IMO it would be eaiser for you guys to get a monster iCable (from apple, cheap). its a cable that plugs into the base speaker unit (has red and white left and right audio plugs) then goes to the iPod's headphone jack. Easiest IMO, because if i remeber correctly, the way airtunes works is u plug ur speakers into the airport express (u'd need to buy an iCable anyways, because it only has a headphone jack, its more for headphones or like desktop speakers), then use ur airport enabled computer to stream music from the iTunes library to the express.

    Cliffs: Try wallmart, see waht they have. Get a monster iCable from apple, and use that.

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