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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 00soul, Mar 10, 2004.

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    i want to connect my laptop to my tv screen. i bought a s-video/ audio cable. the laptop side is a 1/8 inch output jack and a standard s-video, the TV side turns into a normal 3 cable RCA connection. i set it up like this in the pic.


    (the audio cable is funky because i didnt want it to go through the video cable)

    when i put the tv in the corresponding channel it does not display what is on the minitor. what should i do? ive never set one up before. do i need to do something to the settings? or is there some kind of drive i need to download?
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    Maybe you need to tell the laptop to switch to an external screen.
    On my laptop, it's [Fn]+F4.
    Plus, on tv's, when you plug in rca inputs, you usually have to switch the input, not put it on a specific channel. (ie: If you were to plug in a video source via rca's, putting the tv in channel 3/4 won't do anything. You have to switch video inputs by pressing the [A/V] button or something).
    But i'm not an a/v expert, so I don't know.
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    I agree with realest00, you need to make sure you have the laptop setup to output the video on the s-video output and make sure your tv's source is set to the correct input.

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