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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by LaJoo, Oct 24, 2002.

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    should i get these 2 AUDIOBAHN AW1006Q FLAME 10" 1800W CAR SUBS? or is there something better i could get? im also thinking about the Audiobahn A3201Q 300W x 2 Car Amplifier. i'm also going to get the Pioneer DEH-P9400MP and Kenwood eXcelon KFC-Xr701 6-3/4" Car Speakers. are those good buys or is there better? i have a 1999 acura 3.0 cl. i'm kinda new to this car audio stuff, so i'm trying to get opinions on which setup would be the best for me.
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    I would have to say no.... 1800w? :rofl: Perhaps for a few seconds...

    What are your price ranges?
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    i'd personally stay away from audiobahn anything. :(
  4. I don't understand why people cut on audiobahn so much. Yes they claim huge power handling, but they CAN take it. On a SQ note, i can't really say they sound all that great, but as far as the dollar/spl ratio goes, they really can't be beat by much. Then again, if you're looking to save money, you would be better off going with a sub that maximizes its output at a lower wattage. I don't know how people here react to elementals k drivers, but they are FANTASTIC subs....
    their rating is only 300W, but they have been tested to take 1000W at a burp, and 600 rms all day long. I have a pair of the 10's, and they are VERY well built
    check out the k's here
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    i just want real good quality for a good price. what do you all suggest? what setup would be the best to go with?
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    I never said they couldnt take the 1.8kW. I only said that it would probably be possible for only a few seconds. Unfortunatly there is no governing body over power ratings of either amplifiers or speakers, allowing any company to rate their product at whatever they want.
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    Best is a subjective term. I could give you an ideal system, but how am I supposed to know if you would like it or not? I mean, if you don't really feel like researching anything and just want a system, and nothing else, tell us what kind of music you listen to, if you are a basshead, the importance of sound quality(as in flat response)/imaging to you, and we can probably help you out. Also, give a price range for everything.
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    i'll pay anything. i just want 2 10's, new speakers for the door and 2 in the back, tweeters, and a new head unit and an amp to power it all. i just want good sound quality for a good price. i heard eclipse was a good company. i listen to everything. i don't stick with one kind of music, but i would like a nice thump for my rap music.
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    umm yes they can automic thunder is much less than those and have a much higger spl

    audiobahn is all about the look but th drivers are nothgin special but they do look cool
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    Well, you asked for it. Since you have unlimited funds I personally would go with this: 2x adire 10" brahmas. 2x adire revolutions. 2 sets of focal utopia 165w3 component sets. For the speaker amplifier, a USACOUSTICS USX4085 would work fine. Headunit a Pioneer DEX-P9 because they look really cool. I would also buy a 30band stereo EQ There are several good things about this system. 1. if set up properly, the sound quality can be amazing. 2. The dynamic range will be VERY high. 3. You will have a cool looking, and sounding system.

    Downside is price, strain on car, and the fact it could be stolen.

    Now, that will probably cost around 5 to 6 thousand dollars installed. Do you really have unlimited funds? If not, give me a real price range, and I can get something for you more reasonable.


    audiobahn 12 - 10

    audio 10 - 8

  12. LaJoo

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    hmm that is kinda high. how about a system not so expensive. my cars not worthy of a 5000 dollar system when I will be getting a new car in less than 2 years, and I can get better stuff then. im looking at around 2000-3000.

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