Averatec 3250 / iBook / Compaq TC1000 Tablet PC, help me decide

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by SL1200MK4, Oct 6, 2004.

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    Well I need to get a notebook. Help me out and give me some ideas.

    I am considering the following three options. All of them will be 512MB or more of RAM, and both will have wireless ethernet.

    Averatec 3250 http://www.averatec.com/notebooks/3200series.htm

    Pros: It is cheap, avaliable now, and I can get full refund in 30 days from Futureshop. Least expensive of the bunch.

    Cons: While it's small and thin, it's no VAIO no APPLE. AMD cpu, so lousy battery life.

    Compaq TC1000 http://www.tc-one-thousand.com/ (for pics and specs)

    This is the discountinued last generation Compaq Tablet PC. The newer TC1100 got better CPUs, but I might be able to find one of those TC1000 for a good deal.

    Pro: Tablet PC, build-in CF slot (My digital camera uses CF)

    Con: Slow CPU, with RAM / Wireless upgrades, will likely be the most expensive yet slowest of the bunch. No build in optical drive.

    and at last... The up coming updated Apple iBook. Apple PowerBook and iBook shall be updated in a few weeks, with better spec and possibly reduced prices.

    Pro: Cost just about as much as the Averatec with educational pricing. Better security in public network (the Windows machines will likely be the first targets). I work with *nix stuff a lot. Looks good.

    Con: Might have compatibility issue with windows. I do use windows stuff as well. Usually it's eaiser to get Linux running in windows (VMware/CYGWIN) rather than running VirtualPC on OS X. Have to wait til the newer version comes out and ships (at least 1 month I had say).

    So, they are three pretty different machines. Which one would you guys get and why? Give me some opinons and help me decide.

    p.s. Buy the Averatec, use it til the iBook comes out is an possibiliy. Although I really dont' want to be an asshole...
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    iBook for me. Mac laptops are second to none in terms of features and OS and the iBooks are priced very attractively. Also, VirtualPC is excellent. My buddy Mike runs XP under it on his PowerBook and while it's not as fast as VMWare is on my machine, it's very usable and pretty impressive considering that it's emulating the processor. You can also install Linux natively on a Mac, there are PPC versions of several distros available, or there's always YellowDog.

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