AWD from a CR-V in a Civic/Integra

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Mugendude, Dec 16, 2003.

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    ok, how hard would it be to put AWD from a CR-V into a civic or an integra? HT did an article on this not too long ago, but i only saw one installment of it.

    i'm guessing you'd have to use the cr-v tranny on a swapped b-series...
    any info would be mad appreciated.
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    What issues of Honda Tuning? That would be the place to go look rather than here. Those techs actually did the swap and could offer you legitimate information rather than guesswork. I would suggest looking for those issues. If you find out, I would also like to know those issues. Don't care squat for Honda but I love AWD cars and I'd like to see what power they can put down.
  3. Dibblev1.0

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    Its been done.

    There is also some AWD factory civics. There oldschool.
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    There's a guy around here who has a 90 Civic hatch that he grafted the AWD system from a late 80's (I think) Civic or Accord AWD wagon. It is possible, just don't know how easy it is to do. Be prepared to swap gastanks, as the standard tank in a Civic or Integra won't have anywhere for the rear diff or driveshafts to go.
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    Ive only heard pipe dream stories of a CRV swap.
    Most of it has been becuase its too heavy, and just overall to complex to make praticle.
    And generally speaking you would be best to keep teh CRV motor and turbo it.
    Which of course kinda defeats the purpose.

    As for the EF hatch AWD comes off of the EF Civic Wagon AWD.
    LOTS of fab work involved with that. I helped a guy build one. Complete pain in the ASS! The whole rear floor pan of the car had to be redone.
    I believe ae86&kp61 here on OT helped with one also.
    Aside from the fab work, the biggest pisser of the whole thing is that the tranny only mates to a d series block.
    So your stuck with a USDM Integra motor, a ZC, or a D16 from a CRX Si or newer Civic EX.
    On top of that, you will need to go with forced induction of some sort to make the shit drivable.
    Which in teh case of the ZC and D16 USDM Integra motor, menas going with a roots SC setup.
    And on the late model D16 SOHC vtec motors you can also go turbo, but its pricey either way.

    So the end all answer is that Honda engine dont have enough torque to make it worth while, and the fab work alone will run you into the thousands unless you have the parts, materials, and machines in your grasp, free of charge.

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