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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Fordgasm, May 15, 2003.

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    May 12, 2001
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    Huntington Beach, Ca

    Engine Specifications
    Block: Mexican 302
    Bore: 4.040
    Stroke: 3.25
    Cubic Inches: 333.1
    Crankshaft: Eagle 4340
    Compression: 11:1
    Rods: Eagle 4340 w/ ARP studs
    Pistons: JE custom
    Rings: Hastings
    Bearings: Clevite
    Camshaft: FRPP F303
    Timing Chain: Dyna double roller
    Rockers: FRPP 1.6 studmount
    Lifters: Crane anti pump-up hydraulic
    Pushrods: TFS chromemoly 6.750
    Oil Pump: Melling high volume w/ ARP driveshaft
    Oil Pan: Canton 7 qt. w/ windage tray
    Ignition: MSD TFI coil, MSD 6AL , FRPP 9mm wires, Optima red top battery
    Pulleys: BBK aluminum
    Crank Dampner: Romac 28 oz. w/ ARP bolt
    Engine Mounts: Energy Suspension polyurethane
    Radiator: Fluidyne aluminum
    Fan: stock
    Water Pump: Stewart high volume
    Miscellaneous: 180* thermostat, FPS main girdle w/ ARP studs, FRPP A/C delete, TFS tall valve covers w/ oil neck moved to the back, Speedworx idler pulley

    Cylinder Head Specifications
    Brand & Model: TFS Twisted Wedge
    Valves: 2.02 intake, 1.60 exhaust
    Port Work: Stage III by Competition Heads
    Components: Crower triple valve springs, bronze valve guides
    Miscellaneous: ARP headbolts

    Exhaust System Specifications
    Headers: BBK 1 5/8 ceramic longtubes
    H-Pipe: BBK off-road H
    Mufflers: Magnaflow
    Tailpipes: Magnaflow
    Miscellaneous: Stage 8 locking header bolts

    Induction System Specifications
    Intake: Edelbrock Performer RPM
    Spacer: TFS 1 inch
    Port Work: None
    T-Body: BBK/Edelbrock 70 mm
    Mass Air: Lightning 80 mm
    Air Filter: K&N
    Ram Air: Mac cold air intake
    Miscellaneous: None

    Fuel System Specifications
    Fuel Pump: Walbro 255 LPH in tank
    Fuel Lines: Stock
    Fuel Rails: Stock
    Inj: FRPP 30#
    Regulator: BBK adjustable
    Driver Type (CPU): T4MO
    Computer Add-ons: Autologic chip
    Miscellaneous: Autologic chip tuned by Swanson Performance

    Drivetrain Specifications
    Transmission: Tremec 3550
    Flywheel: Fidanza billet aluminum w/ ARP bolts
    Clutch Setup: FRPP HD pressure plate/ McLeod friction disk
    Driveshaft: FRPP aluminum w/ UPR 5/8 driveshaft spacer
    Axles: Stock
    Differential: Stock
    Gear Set: FRPP 3.73
    Shifter: Pro 5.0
    Miscellaneous: Energy Suspension polyurethane tranny mount, UPR adj. clutch quadrant & firewall adjuster

    Chassis Specifications
    Springs: FRPP 'C' springs
    Sway Bar Setup: SSM front w/ Maximum Motorsports heavy duty endlinks, Cobra rear
    Rims: 1998 Cobra
    Tires: Kumho 255/40 17
    Subframe Connectors: BBK
    Miscellaneous: Maximum Motorsports C/C plates, Maximum Motorsports aluminum rack bushings, Baer bumpsteer kit, Bilstein shocks and struts, H&R 25mm wheel spacers, 13" cobra front brakes

    Body Specifications
    Hood Type: Cobra R
    Spoiler Type: Stock
    Miscellaneous: APC clear corners

    Interior Specifications
    Interior: black/tan
    Gauges: NR Auto white guage faces, Autometer Phantom 2 1/16 oil pressure & water temp on the A pillar
    Stereo System: Mach 460 w/ Panasonic CD player
  2. lawnboy

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    May 5, 2000
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    would be hot if you got the hood painted

    why is it that every modded 5.0 mustang i see has a white fiberglass hood???
  3. The1Ash10

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    Oct 10, 2002
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    very nice :)
  4. str8acura

    str8acura Guest

    thats one mustang i would NOT like to mess with... very nice indeed.
  5. Red97GST

    Red97GST Guest

    whats it run? dyno?
  6. FWF

    FWF Guest

    sweet ride...but the hood makes it look ugly :(
  7. Wolf

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    Mar 23, 2003
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    Austin, TX
  8. Wolf

    Wolf No one plans to take the path that brings you lowe

    Mar 23, 2003
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    Austin, TX
    Because the intake doesn't clear the stock hood, and painting costs money.
  9. boostin-gp

    boostin-gp Guest

    And the entire engine build didnt?! :squint:
  10. turbomr2

    turbomr2 Guest

    looks good... would look great if the hood was painted.
  11. aredee

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    Aug 20, 2002
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    Washington DC
    NICE garage!

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