A&P Back focus? D80 & 50mm nikkor probs

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by TheManLouisianaFace, Jan 3, 2009.

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    As in my other thread, I'm a DSLR noob, (but I've used film SLRs a good bit so I know the technique.)

    So I've been using this D80 we got for my mom and I notice the Autofocus really sucks, especially with the 50mm 1.8 Nikkor lens. The 18-135 nikkor kit lens is decent, but still gets it wrong a good bit.


    Manually selected the center autofocus sensor and locked it (L slider on back.) Shot in Manual with ISO Auto on.

    Here are the pics in Nview so you can see where the autofocus brackets are on the pics.

    Now I know the iso's are high, I accidentally left the shutter too fast and iso auto kicked in. But high iso isn't the prob here, as part of the pics are in focus.

    In both pics it focuses on a spot closer in than what the brackets are on.

    Here it focuses on the leaves on the ground closer to the cam than the dog.

    and this one it focuses on the tip of the nose instead of closer to the eyes where the brackets are.

    What's the deal?
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    Read this and try this out. Should definitively tell you if you are having back/front focus problems. d70 and d80 af systems are similar


    if you are having true front/back focus issues, you need to send it in to Nikon to get it adjusted. You can also do it yourself with a mini allen wrench, but I wouldn't recommend that.

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