GUN Backup on alessi holsters


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Aug 30, 2003
I'm always pushing alessi's leather goods here so I saw this and thought I'd post it in case anyone else is waiting for their product.

I just got off the phone with Lou who is still in the hospital and will probably remain there for another week. He has a serious staph infection (not mrsa) as a result of his surgery for lung cancer. This has been a bad year for Lou starting with the diagnosis of lung cancer in February followed by a few surgeries and now the infection. He asked me to tell everyone Thanks from the bottom of his heart for all the get well's and inquiries about his health and to apologize to those waiting for a holster. He will probably be away from the shop for an unknown time but Mary Lou and his daughter are there trying to catch up with cutting out leather and sewing to await Lou's final process and forming. He is in great spirits and we spoke for a good half hour and believe me he is tired of hospitals and doctors and cannot wait to get back to work. Please keep up the prayers and well wishes as he really appreciates them. He doesn't have access to a computer and I'll try to keep everyone updated on his progress as I speak with him. Thanks again, Lou is a good friend of my wife and I and as anyone who has ever dealt with him knows a true gentleman!

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