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    well i got to the spot and hit a jump for a bit. then we rode off to another spot, chilled like ten minutes. Then we went back, and i started hitting the jump we where parked by again. then about 10 runs in my bike bogged after i landed and started runny shity, then died.

    So pushed it back to my truck. and changed the plug, no go, then cleaned my airfilter, no go. then lifted my subframe and pulled my carb. took the floats out cleaned every thing out jets and such. put it all back together. and nothing dead, not a sign of life.

    so i told every to go on their ride, and they did. so as they where gone i tried to kick it over for like a hour, nothing. then i saw my kill switch was a bit turned, so i twisted it back and wigged the wires. Then bamn first kick ran like a champ. I was happy, again.

    so i put my gear on rode around for a bit. and i started to hit the jump again till everyone came back. then after hitting it like three times, my front end felt funny like the head barrings where sticking. so i moved it back and forth it still felt off, i check if any wires where hitting or bunching. Nope so i hit it once more still feeling funny. then when i looked down I saw i had a flat tire. so yeah i rode like a hour today good times.

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