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Jun 11, 2004
Looking for some advice ahead of my return to the paint shop that recently fixed a large scratch...

So I have a new car, a 2011 VW in Tornado Red that I've only had a month. The recent hurricane resulted in my car acquiring a 12" scratch along the driver's door and just into the quarter-panel. A local paint shop did the work, filling the scratch and blending the paint to either end of the car. Their paint work itself looked great upon initial inspection.

I just washed it today, a week later, and found that there is what looks to be clear coat overspray (like a very fine, matte haze) on my windshield in spots, on 3 out of four windows including the b-pillar, and in a 4" x 10" patch on the *opposite* side's quarter-panel, complete with drip marks running through it. Also, on the painted side of the car, I can see evidence of poor buffing (?), as there's a ton of new swirls in the paint. There's also two tiny bubbles, or little pocks in the new paint.

What would you guys do? I know the clear coat can be removed from the windows easily, but I'm most worried about the overspray on the factory paint of the side they *weren't* supposed to touch. I'm going to meet with the paint shop and my insurance company in a few days, and I'm nervous they're gonna tell me "that'll buff right out." Will it?


New car, poor work by paint shop. Can clear coat overspray be removed safely from my factory paint, or will I need extensive work?


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Oct 19, 2009
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Yes it can come out with clay bar and maybe more polishing. However, you said you have bubbles in your paint after a month? That is not a good sign!

Complain to your insurance company that the job is not to your satifactory a demand that they pay to get it fixed somewhere else of your choice. Choose wisely this time and research the body shop first on and such.

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