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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by z284pwr, Apr 15, 2005.

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    Last September we purchased a Red '90 Turbo Grand Prix and it has original paint on it except the "ground effects" *bumper, door mouldings* were repainted. Now by the gas filler cap whenver gas is accidently spilled on the paint and wiped off, it leaves a black "residue" on it that won't come off with just water and wiping? However, using a harder cleaning solution or some polishing compounds, such as Laquer Thinner or Nail Polish Remover or the Liquid Glass Polish we have it brings paint off. Is only happens on this bumper and not the fender itself which is the original paint still.

    The question is, would this be a sign of a bad paint or paint/prep job? It looks normal after using one of these cleaner and clean it off good/wax. Is there anyway to fix this problem or is repaint the only way to fix it? 7, 2004/grandprix 009_resize.jpg

    You can see that the paint looks different in that picture *just below the gas cap* from the rest of the bumper, after cleaning it off it looks like the rest of the bumper in the sunlight.
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    looks fine to me, just learn how to use a gas pump. i can fill my tank to the point where i see gas in the hose that leads to the tank with out spilling gas all over the fucking place. i dont understand what the problem is
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    The plastic is not usually painted with the car, they do that seperately and with a different type of paint (needs to have the ability to flex slightly) so that could be why it reacts differently.

    First thing I'd do it not spill gas on the paint, it removes the wax instantly and over time will ruin the paint too.

    Just keep it waxed regularly and stop spilling gas.

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