Bad Relgion announces new album title

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by FootInMouthRecs, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. The new Bad Religion album will be titled “The Empire Strikes First” and it is tentatively scheduled to be out on June 8th! :bowdown:
  2. Bad Religion........soooooo good. The one voice I wish I had.
  3. Totally, Greg Graffin is the man!
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    I was working as a barrista in a nice little coffee shop in Ithaca NY, spitting distance from the Cornell U campus. I'd just put Stranger than Fiction in the CD player to torture the little trust-fundies typing out their theses in the back, when this non-descript, but very familiar guy walks in. Just wants a coffee, and starts scribbling in a notebook not too far from the bar. Goes through a few refills, and we chat a bit each time he comes up for another. Seems he's doing grad work at Cornell, something to do with human genetic evolution. Over-my-head stuff. Compliments me on the music choice, and is generally the coolest customer of the year. But I can't, for the life of me, place this guy's face, and I KNOW I know him from somewhere....

    He's finished with whatever scientific voodoo it is he's scratching down in his notebook, thanks me for the coffee and conversation, and heads out. The album's over a few minutes later, and I'm changing CDs to Social Distortion's "Live at the Roxy".... Well, I'm putting "Stranger than Fiction" back into the case, and who's staring back at me from the CD liner but the grad student I'd just been shooting the shit with.

    I served him a couple times after that, and tried not to be the gushy fan, but had to tell him how great I'd always thought Bad Religion was/is. He was actually a bit shy about it, and would change the topic, always to something interesting, and was generally one of the greatest conversationalists I've encountered. A great guy, and a fantastic front man for an amazing band.
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    didn't he go to MIT? I think I read one of the papers he published once, guy is brilliant.

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