TAT Ball going into my tongue?

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by swaterinater, May 30, 2004.

  1. swaterinater

    swaterinater Guest

    Alright, I'm about to buy a new tongue ring, online.
    (from tonguestud.com, please let me know if theres a better place out there that is more secure)

    Anyways.. what I've noticed is the ball kinda goes into the bottom of my tongue, and I'm often pushing it out. Not a great feeling. I'm wondering what I could do to fix this? Larger gauge? Larger ball (dont really want one since it wont feel great).. maybe something flat? If you can even do that...

    What do the body mods people suggest?


    I'm going to buy that, I think. What length/gauge/ball diameter would you suggest?

    I prefer smaller balls.
  2. swaterinater

    swaterinater Guest

    Alright, it looks like tonguestud.com doesnt ship to Canada.. any other places with the same type of stud that ship to Canada?
  3. diaper eater

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    Nov 12, 2003
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  4. swaterinater

    swaterinater Guest

    Stop ignoring me people.

    1) I need a reliable place online I can purchase an internally threaded acrylic glow in the dark tongue ring that will ship to Canada.
    2) I need to know what I can do so the bottom ball wont keep slipping into my tongue.
  5. CyberBullets

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    cant u have your piercer order parts in for you?

    i know i have black titanium cbb with spikes comming in for my brow for a sweet price.
  6. swaterinater

    swaterinater Guest

    yeah, the place I go here, the guy that owns it also owns a jewlrey making place and he would be really offended if I dont buy the shit from him, I would think..

    but he doesnt do glow in the dark shit.
  7. pir8penguin

    pir8penguin Guest

    try a larger ball... you should be able to get one cheap. try it for a while, if it's a bust it's not much money wasted.
  8. dumb_end_user

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    Oct 5, 2001
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    If the jewelry is sticking into your tongue then the bar is too short. Try bumping up the length about 1/8 inch to see if that helps keep the ball from sinking into your tongue.

    The flat back design that ThatGuy suggested would also work - look for labret jewelry or just miscellaneous parts - they should seel just the disk portion of the flat back for your gauge.
  9. justmanson

    justmanson Guest

    if the ball is sliding into your tongue you should guage up just a tad. by getting a longer stud you are most likely setting yourself up for long term damge to your gum line and roof of the mouth. keep it short and fat and you'll save yourself some dentist bills later on. 10g is about the best size i've seen and i personally rocked a 5/8 barbell for years with no problems. also glow in the dark tongue rings are dumb... but to each their own.

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