GUN Barney shoots his partner

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    Illinois officer shoots colleague during pit bull run-in

    By Mark Shuman
    Special to the Chicago Tribune

    ELGIN, Ill. — An Elgin policeman accidentally shot another Elgin policeman in the leg this afternoon as the two were trying to serve an arrest warrant at an apartment where the only resident at the time was a pit bull.

    The wounded officer was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said. The pit bull was shot and killed.

    "He's the nicest dog in the world. He never attacked anyone, and they shot him," said a tearful Kevin Strauss, 23, of Huntley, whose friend owned the 4-year-old male dog, Sugar.

    Strauss said at 11:45 a.m. he left his friend's apartment in the 1100 block of Fairwood Drive for his job as a bricklayer. He received a phone call and returned about 35 minutes later to find police had sealed off the apartment. That's when he learned the dog had been shot.

    The two officers had gone to the apartment shortly before noon, said Elgin Police Officer Tamara Welter. It was not immediately clear how the officers entered the apartment, or how they encountered the dog.

    At some point, one of them shot the pit bull, and one of them apparently shot the other by accident.

    It was unknown who was named in the arrest warrant or the nature of the alleged crime, although Welter said the warrant was for a man.

    Copyright © 2007 Chicago Tribune

    Stupid fucking chicago cops. Fucker shoots either of my dogs he better hope he has ceramic plates in his vest.
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    I shot & Killed my neigbors Rott 3 Years ago . It was coming towards my 2 year old daughter

    Guy was whinning like a little bitch fr 4 hours while the PO PO were doing there thing

    One cop finaly comes over & says " You couldnt of shot him instead "

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