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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by gui3, Oct 11, 2008.

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    anyone know of some good video editing software that's scaled down but still useful?

    i'm looking for something like Visualhub and Audialhub - simple, powerful, not expensive. basically, i want to be able to crop, copy, paste, and combine video clips without having to go through all of imovie's crap (i haven't tried the 08 iMovie...just iMovieHD from the previous iLife.)

    ....or is quicktime pro the way to go?
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    QuickTime Pro can do that as can iMovie '08. iMovie has gotten a lot better for doing that kinda stuff then it was previously.
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    Can't go wrong with iLife, and it's included with every new Mac. I'm working on a home movie as I speak. If you have DV video I don't recommend iMovie 08, it doesn't deinterlace video. If your source video is interlaced, it will come out looking like crap, even at the highest settings.

    I went back to iMovie HD for now, it's a free download from Apple. I could deinterlace my videos, but I have hours of footage, and from what I have seen, it takes a long time to deinterlace.

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