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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fintheman, May 18, 2006.

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    Anyone wanna take a quick look at it for meh?

    Any other templates that I could throw into and get it to look nicer?

    I DO have a strong knowledge of networking, but I have never had any professional expierence besides the Air Force training. I also have a decent amount of knowledge with security, etc., and I am an MS Guru on the Windows side and a decent amount of knowledge on the Server side. I've touched all pieces of hardware (servers, tape systems, pc's, routers, switches, wiring at one point or another, etc.,)

    My job in the military was to basically monitor and maintain the SACCS network which was a top secret and secure line in which EAMS and messages of nuclear importance would transfer through, anyway to make that sound better. (It was on OLD school shit though, ibm processors from the 70's, 8 inch disks drives, etc.,) and I also worked on an advanced level of electronic troubleshooting and cirucit board repair.

    I can say confidently that I have the working knowledge of a CCNA as I've studied for that test over 4 times, but never took it. Wireless is also another good point and I feel I'm definetly more experienced than the average network admin.

    I've touched linux , compiled kernals, etc., but never any admin work on it, so I don't really wanna say that unless I was actually that good with it..

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