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    Ok, a couple months ago I broke up with my GF of a year. Recently, through a girl friend of mine I met this girl at a birthday party. She's really cool and somewhat outgoing. We ended up going to the same university and we actually occasionally saw each other on campus over the passing couple of weeks after we met. Everytime I'd see her I wouldn't stop to talk for long; she'd even be the one more noticeably stopping to talk to me.

    So, last week I decided to get her phone number when we saw each other. Done.

    Now I just called her as our finals week is getting down and asked her what she's doing when she's all done.

    I ended up talking to her on the phone for like 20 mins at the end of my lunch break today and so after 10 mins of shooting the shit and getting her laughing. Convo ends up going like this:

    "so hey, what are you doing when your finals are over"
    "well my mom's coming back from convent (? i think she said convent) so i'm going to spend time with her and stuff"
    "oh cool. well i wanted to see if you'd be down to get together this week when you're free"
    "oh. yeah, definately i'll call you later in the week"
    continued talking for a bit
    then done
    i think it went well, but i have a bad feeling about the "I'LL call YOU" part
    however i got her laughing and talking pretty casually.

    what you guys think?
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    i think she sounds great and your doing good keep it up :bigthumb:
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    She said she'd call. Let her call.
    If she doesn't call within the week, you could call her, although I'd tend to say you got an answer.

    Remember, no call isn't the same as no answer.

    But still that's premature.

    It sounds great so far, and you two will probably have a good time together.
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    "I'll call you" can go both ways.

    yes sometimes they are just trying to be nice and “let you down easy”


    sometimes they really will call you.

    I just went on a first date sat night with a girl who i called and tried to set something up with. She told me she was working all week and was busy but that she would call if she got some free time over the weekend. She never called so I called her again on Monday, no answer but then she does call back and says "lets go out" and we did and it was great

    I would say assume she is going to call,

    if she does not, call her over the weekend and just casually ask her if she wants to get some drinks or something, don't even mention the fact that she never called you. If she does not answer leave a message and if she does not call back after that you have your answer and you move on.
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    but please don't get impatient or call her twice before she calls/answers

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