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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by PuppyCat, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Can anyone out there explain what the Bernian Theory is (not sure I am spelling it right) without a lot of psychological id/ego claptrap...Could someone explain it in layman's terms?
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    Transactual Analysis.

    One of the most important concept was the theory of bernian which claims that we all have three ego's namely child - adult - parent. You thinking is based on what your learned as a child and an adult along with the brain grabbing for feedback information that you have received from your parents.
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    I think you mean "transactional analysis". (Eric Berne.)

    He wrote a number of great books, books you may be familiar with off-hand because they have such catchy titles, such as "Games People Play", "I'm OK, You're OK".

    Actually that last statement is the most important one, aside from ego states etc.
    The basic belief behind TA is that all people are basically OK. And we are all capable of growth, change and moving from less desirable states, to more desirable states of being.

    That coincidentally is also one of the main purposes of Asylum. For me anyway. If I didn't believe people were capable of change, of healing themselves, overcoming their issues and becoming more than they were...well there wouldn't be much point to this. It'd be just a bunch of palliative bs.

    The ego states concept is very useful. Remember this axiom: React as Treated.
    Every person has three basic states: child, adult, parent.
    This sorta correlates to Freudian id, ego, superego.

    If you act like a "child", you tend to force people to interact with you as a "parent"
    If you treat others like a "parent" (stern, disciplining) you tend to force people to react as a "child" (rebelling, testing your authority).

    So...How is this useful?

    If you are the recipient of unwanted interaction, either "parent" or "child", you continue to interact on the "adult" level: calm, cool, collected and reasonable.

    This tends to bring people up out of the other states and they start to interact with you on the "adult" level too.

    Try it. It works. If you have a petulant co-worker, (or boss!) give this a try.
    You can often see the slight shift as they flounder, trying to figure out what's different. Or not. But usually, they will move into the "adult" role resulting in a more satisfying interaction for everyone.

    There is much more deep theory, and I haven't even touched upon the "Games People Play" or the Life script.

    But the stuff above will be more immediately useful. Hope you enjoy it.
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    nice johan. anyone have some links on this stuff? i am all into the deeper reading and playing with peoples minds :)

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