Best BitTorrent Client for Linux?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by coronet, Jan 19, 2006.

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    I'm gettin' kind of tired of Azureus. Linux was made to be light and fast, and with java using over 300MiB or memory... not a pretty picture. Not to mention if I couple that with another java application... my memory is raped!

    So I've been looking around for a BT client that isn't made with Java. And it appears that there isn't too much, sadly. I found KTorrent, a KDE-based torrent client. I've always felt KDE has kind of sloppy coding for a lot of programs, and this was no diffrent; it couldn't connect to torrents! It just read 'Stalled', whether the .torrent was from oink, torrentspy... whereever. Lame.

    Then I tried my luck with wikipedia. Sure, I got plenty of results, but a lot of them where terminal-based ( :ugh: ), not-yet-avaliable for Linux, or I couldn't compile them (Python is sooo lame; none of that shit is in my repository). I ended up only being able to use one; Anatomic P2P.

    Anatomic was amazing. I've never had a file download so fast (~200 KBps). However, I feel as though it was just luck. And the interface isn't quite what I was looking for. Yay, it had mutilple torrent support, but it wasn't resumable, or had an overview such as Azurues did.

    The only thing I can hope for is that one of you knows a client not listed there, or can help me get ABC working. Anyone know of anything awesome?

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