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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by DigiCrime, Jun 27, 2007.

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    I must have a ton of CDs and DVDs, I burn a lot of open source software, I have every linux ISO on disk and some on DVDs but I use a lot of RWs because I will erase and start over. I burn movies a lot to. I use ImgBurn for ISOs which works really good but sometimes have trouble burning RWs with it not sure... itll burn but after verifying the disk itll error a lot. Cant burn VOBs on DVD-RWs for some reason, burns them but disk is none readable afterwards.

    My other is Nero, Ive been a nero fan for a long time but since Ive installed 7x version its fucked up my video thumbnails in Explorer which causes it to crash. If I remove nero I can view all my videos as thumbnails just fine so Nero must have a codec of its own but I dont see it in the codec list? I use it for watching DVDs to but for the most part I been a nero fan but Im starting to dislike it due to the fact I cant view video thumbnails anymore.

    WHen burning movies though it works the best when Ido nothing on my computer while its burning due to the fact it causes the movies to skip when watching so im not sure if its just computer resources of the program itself that causes it.


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