A&P Best cheap digicam for my dad?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by deusexaethera, Oct 23, 2005.

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    I realize this is a pro/semipro forum, but it's appropriate for the topic.

    My father has a god-awful Oregon Scientific 1.3MP credit card camera with no zoom or LCD or built-in flash and the trigger doesn't even work right if you don't slide it under the housing a little when you press down. So basically it's the worst digital camera ever made.

    He's the kind of person who gets enjoyment from feeble attempts at excellence -- that is, he actually LIKES his cheap little toy camera and its crappy photos, because it can't help the fact that it was made to be cheap and it's doing the best it can with what the sweatshop gave it. I think it's because he's the youngest of four children and he was always the worst at everything as a kid, but that's a WHOLE 'nother discussion. So basically he doesn't want a fantastic camera in the first place.

    I want to get him a better camera for Christmas. Unlike him, I won't be able to stand myself if I get him a piece of crap. My mother has a Kodak DC4800 with 3.1MP, and from what I've seen of her photos that should be more than adequate for my dad's occasional use. If nothing else it's more than 2x what he has now. So basically...

    ~3MP resolution
    Shirt-pocket size
    Built-in flash
    Built-in LCD
    Reasonable color balance is important (to me, anyway)
    Rechargable battery is a nice touch
    SD memory card slot is also a nice touch

    Zoom (either optical or digital) is nice but not a requirement
    Post-processing and a million tweakable settings not necessary
    Best possible image quality also not necessary

    Surely there's a camera out there meeting these specs. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Houston, TX
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    Nikon Coolpix S2

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    If he revels in cheap products go to Wal Mart. They have a 3.1 MP digital for $59. They also have some for $16 (not sure of the MP).

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