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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by alnen, Aug 27, 2002.

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    For use in a 2nd Gen. Integra (a hatchback for those who don't know), what would the best box be? I listen mostly to rock and a little rap. I want something that will be loud and have quality sound. I am mainly deciding between ported and bandpass, leaning towards ported. Can you show me what you think my best bet would be (premade)? How much do custom boxes normally run? Thanks!!!
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    why dont you do a sealed box if you want clarity, they would probably be your best bet if your going to use a shitty prefab that isnt built you your specifications of the subs, so the port may be too long/short, too much airspace, where sealed you can usually get closer to wehre you need to be.
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    A vented enclosure can still have sound quality, it is just easier to work with a sealed design in a car, because of cabin gain. You do not loose clarity nessecarily by going from sealed to vented. But if he listens to rap and rock, he probably wants a lot of bass, so I would say that he should go with ported. However, if he is going with a prefabricated enclosure, sealed would probably be a better option.
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    OK, so you're saying if I go pre-fab, get sealed, if I go custom, get ported. How much would a decent custom box cost? I love my music and would be willing to spend some more bucks on a decent box. Thanks!
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    Oh and also would it be best to order off the net or try and find a local place. I don't know if places around me are experienced to do it. i can't do it, I am not carpentologically inclined.

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