SRS best friend dating sister

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Chemo, Nov 20, 2005.

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    my best friend has been seein my sister for over a yr,ive been working midnites for a yr,thurs nite im online b4 im about to go to work and he sends me a msg askin me whats goin on and i said nothing,ive gotta work,oh work,shitty deal,is ur sister around?(he worked midnites and knows that thur is a friday shift so theres no reason as to why i would have the nite off)and he knew my sister was coming home that nite as that reason to be pissed off at him puttin up a front tryin to act like he is interested in hanging out,when hes really just lookin for my sister?( i explained this to my sister and she basically stuck up for him sayin he prolly didnt mean it that way)

    then on friday,my sisters friend was lookin for her but she was with her b/f so i gave 'julie' the bfs cell number to call,then prolly 5 mins after 'julie' called,my friend convienently called me askin me if i wanted to hang out and get high,due to the fact my sister had prolly made plans with her friend to hang out,so he needed someone to pass the time with so i was the secondary option.ive barely spoke to my sister since friday nite then we got into it on sat(cuz i misserable and not talkin/giving snide remarks) and she told me i should be lucky i have friends who put up with my shit,but really i see things the other way around as tho they are lucky that i put up with all their lovey dovey bullshit when they try to make it seem like im the one in the wrong when i dont wanna hang out cuz i dont wanna be around their love connection

    i try to block out all their bullshit but when shit like this happens its hard not to block it out,they are both so blinded by whats goin on that no matter what i would do i would be in the wrong. imo anyways
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    Well, your friend clearly isn't interested in you but in your sister, this means that you shouldn't exert an effort into adding value into whatever he says, its just a kind way of not wanting to hurt your feelings and an a attempt into getting closer to your sister, he doesn't mean any harm in it. But i can understand your feelings that you are pissed for him not going to spend time with you, ceize your effort in this friend and just let him pass on towards your sister. I mean me i am just like you i wouldn't be fond of the idea, i mean if something goes wrong both of you would lose this person, but you shouldn't be overprotective and just let your sister arrange her own life, yes things get tangled up, so just don't consider him as a 'close' friend, but consider him as your sisters bf. That way you'd get a clear image of the position he has within the whole thing. What you need to do is to hang out with other friends, and if he starts complaining say 'oh sorry i thought you where going to hang out with my sister' and he'll be like uhm yeah yeah, lalala, story. And you work further from there.
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    Who cares? It's not like this is a big deal? At least it shows they have some concern.
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