SRS best friend had an abortion...

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by DesignerAddic71, May 3, 2005.

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    so my best friend (we'll call her susie) had an abortion about a year and a half ago. she was 18, her and the bf had been together only about 6 months when they discovered she was pregnant. they decided she would have the abortion. well it was more his decision than hers, but thats neither here nor there since nothing can be done now about it anyway.

    well i was with her and her bf this past weekend (they are still together) and we were shopping for his sister in law's baby shower that is coming up this month. it felt so wierd pickin out baby clothes and accessories with her. i tried to act like everything was fine, but i couldnt help but think of how this must be affecting her. and if it was in the back of my mind, it had to be in the back of hers too right??

    i guess my question is, how do u handle situations like that? one of our friends is pregnant (she is 18, me and susie are both 20) and it must be heartbreaking for her to see our friend have a baby at the same age that susie got rid of hers.

    she asked me to help her write some ethics papers for one of her classes, and i did every topic except abortion cause i didnt want to bring up any bad memories or emotions. she took the abortion very very very hard, and it was definitely a low point in her life.

    has anyone else been in this situation? if so, how did/do you handle it?
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    The amount of replies should give a clear indication of how hard your friends situation is.

    She will get a one way asylum ticket reference to the psychiatric counseller if you ask me. For there's no way to deal with such a horrible occassion like this. And unfortunatly i DID have to deal with the experience myself, as a friend of my was in a simular situation, where the parents disagreed with the kid which led into an abortion into which my friend and his gf where devestated.

    PREVENTION is the only key to solving these types of living nightmares that i know of. Its all about being in the FULL knowledge that the oncoming child has a 'future' and a 'space' on this planet and loving parents that are 'willing' to take care of the child. If these conditions aren't pre-discussed and arranged, problems like this will arise.

    The abortion has taken place and the damage has been done. The only thing she can do is to live with that, along with countless visits to counsellers,and friends who support and love her, hoping that time will heal the pain eventually. And maby try to cheer her up with the idea that in the future 'when she's ready' she can get another chance, another bright future,another lovely child. Which will make it, get married. You know trying to show her positive signs in the future to cheer her up.

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