Best gear to buy.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by rflores2323, Feb 27, 2004.

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    OK my wife and I have about 1500-2000 to buy all the gear we need. We live in houston tx so it gets hot and humid in the summer time. what should we get? we are beginners so we need protection but we dont want to melt with this weather here in houston.

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    Jan 5, 2004
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    for summer riding look into a mesh jacket. i got a joe rocket alter ego and use it for everyday riding it has a zip out liner for colder weather and and a zip off out shell for rain and such and under that it has a mesh that will work for the summer..... spend the money and get a good helmet.they do make a could spend money on boots but i wear doc martins that cover the ankle... for gloves i dont know i have first gear leather gloves for colder weather and some fox mountain bike gloves for the summer(but i hate wearing gloves) btw i'm in ft worth .not as humid as houston but getting there
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    if you are in houston... go to cycle gear off of I-45... it's on the opposite side of the freeway of FRY's electronics.... i think 249 or west exit.. i can't remember... they have lots of warm weather riding gear for you to try on. their prices are good too..
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    If you're not going to be riding hard in the twisties, jeans and a light padded textile or leather jacket will work. Get some good gloves too.

    If you want to do more serious riding, a perforated leather suit is the way to go. Just don't wear it in the rain. has Teknic Chicane 1 & 2 piece suits for $329.

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