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Feb 15, 2005
Irmo, SC
I am not looking to build a computer just looking for suggestions on what the best deal is at places like Best buy, etc.

Mainly going to be used for the internet, multimedia (blu ray movies, capturing tv shows), and maybe playing a game here or there.


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Nov 8, 2004
Any computer does all of those things well, except "play a game here or there." It depends what type of games you're looking to play here or there. The next important factor next to what you're going to do with it is how much you're willing to spend.

Forget about Best Buy, unless you can get a good deal or they're running a sale. Hit up Fry's or Microcenter if you're close to one. Sometimes the best deals are online, like or Tigerdirect always has great deals on monitors, and shipping is usually free. Sign up for their newsletters to take advantage of the deals - newegg and tigerdirect rotate their sales very often.

I haven't bought a pre-built computer in a while, so I'm not familiar with desktop brand performance and reliability anymore; but maybe I can still offer some info that'll help you find what you need:

For a budget computer, look for machines running AMD Athlon II with HD capable graphics. Although still very capable, Athlon II architecture is soon to be obsolete (bulldozer lol). For performance, you might be interested in something with an Intel i5 2500k (sandy bridge), but most companies are pushing i7 in their builds.

4 GB RAM is just about the minimum standard, but 2 GB wouldn't kill you if you're on a budget, and neither would going up a little more.

Like I said, pretty much any machine (including every modern machine) will browse the internet and play multimedia well. It's only a different story if you're looking to play demanding games or edit videos - and in most cases all you'd need to do is throw in a better graphics card.

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