Best path to becoming software engineer?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ErwinRommel, Jun 8, 2009.

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    Any thoughts? Is it better to go to a 4 year school, or 2 years of trade school and certifications? Places like ITT tech are mostly a sham, correct?
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    I went to DeVry. It's not a total do learn some stuff and you should be able to find a job after graduating. I suggest you go to a traditional 4 year school though.
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    is money an issue?

    if not, then a 4-5 year at a good uni would be good. a degree in software engineering and 1-2 years interning would open up opportunities.

    if it is, then i would opt for 2 years community college to get the bs courses out of the way and then transfer to a 4 year uni to finish the remaining 2 years or credits.
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    When you say "software engineer", do you mean "programmer with a fancy title" or "design specialist"? My school's BSSE curriculum was a full CS major with design and business management classes alongside it, but a lot of companies use the term "software engineer" like "sanitation engineer" -- a fancy title for a job that roughly amounts to being a digital construction worker. (If you go with a curriculum like mine, prepare to get hated-on relentlessly by effete lifetime code monkeys who hate how you're "stealing the creativity from their art".)

    Anyway, a 4-year degree is the only way to go. Certifications are nice, and experience gives you "street cred", but a 4-year degree proves you learned what companies expect you to have learned -- and it also proves you have the drive and focus to start something big and important and stick with it until it's finished. No ADD allowed in the corporate world.

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