Best PC desktop for video editing?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cvgwpg, Oct 12, 2006.

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    OK. I plan to upgrade my system at some soon, hopefully early next year. Chances are, I'll end up getting/making a new tower.

    I've been told by good friends that I should custom build again, as I did a couple years back. With technology changing all the time and prices at times getting better and better, what would be the best tower I can set up for video editing.

    I guess first do you think there's any brands that would be best? Aside from Mac, I'm looking at Windows based here.

    If not brand, then custom built... what would you suggest to edit video with?
    (just looking at the core areas of the pc and anything really important that I should keep in mind)

    Motherboard - Asus, i hear is best pick

    Processor - Intel duo core/duo 2,

    Video card - open to suggestions here

    RAM - I should run with min. 2GB, maybe 4GB

    HD - SATA2 drives, at least 200 GB min.

    And anything else that should be addressed if using this for editing.
    Looing fwd to some input here.
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    Mar 3, 2005
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    If you were buying it now then yes, though I reccomend the 320GB Seagate sata drives, the work out the same price per gb of lower end 250GB drives, and better value than any other Seagate.

    I'd get two 1GB sticks of RAM, and see how that works out before commiting to more. There may be better motherboard options out when you come to buying it. Also Intel will probably have a price drop in January, though.

    I'm no video card expert, but I'm sure someone will reccomend something.

    With newegg's pricing I wouldn't reccomend anything other than building it yourself if you are capeable of doing so.
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    That is a my greatest challenge is when the time comes to get a newer system, I would like it to render effects, encode, etc. at a quick rate and not going out to blow too much money. There's always a budget in mind but I'm willing to step up to whatever is quite worth it and reliable.

    I know after Christmas and into the new year, there are always price drops and such and it prob wont happen til that time anyway but at least for now, I'm looking into what it would cost now and compare with later.

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