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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by badguy106, Nov 5, 2004.

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    I have 2 hd's, a WD1600JB 7200rpm 8mb cache, and a WD400BB 7200rpm 2mb cache. I am currently using the wd400 for my os, xp pro sp1, and the wd1600 as an external for storage. I am wanting to add the wd1600 to my system as an internal drive along with my wd400.

    My question is, which would be the best setup, performance wise? Leave the os on the wd400, or move it to the wd1600? And what about the swap file? I have read where it's best to have it on seperate drive, but dont know alot about this, much less how to do it.

    The only other device I have is a dvd burner and would like to know the best way to set this up also. Do I setup both hd's on the same ide and put the dvd burner on the other ide by itself, or a hd on each ide and the burner on as slave to one of the hd's?

    TIA for any help.
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    well do you need your "storage" drive to be fast and be able to access archived files quickly or would you rather it be your OS & applications / games etc be quicker? Once you figure that out you should be able to conclude what hdd should be your master and which should be your master.

    DVD drive on a seperate ide port/cable
    HDD's on the same port/cable

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