best way to wax large rv?

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    Im doing a large motor home tommrow for a customer, that just has to be washed and waxed. what is the quickest procedure to do this? Wax the upper part first, then work down with the ladder or what? I know first im going to clean the roof, but then after im trying to figure out what is the best process? it is going to be in his large garage, so sunlight is not a issue with the wax drying to fast or what not. Thinking about just using my large orbitial, or da be better? the orbital is 16 lbs which is very heavy, best the da is more of a polishing machine.
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    Machine polish (PC) it with Poli-Seal. One step product, decent light swirl removal and protectant.

    Do all you have to on the ladder (should be the upper half), then go back around and do the bottom half while simply standing.

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