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    The built in iPod support for Winamp is just okay. It doesn't transfer videos, album art, or play counts. Those three things are vital to me, so I switched to ml_ipod and never looked back. I will hit on some MAJOR points of ml_ipod.

    Preparing For ml_ipod

    In order for ml_ipod to work properly, you must first remove the old iPod plug-in from Winamp. To do this go to: Preferences (Control+P)> Plug-ins> Media Library. Click the "pmp_ipod.dll" and "Uninstall Selected Plug-in" If you only have an iPod and don't want any of Winamp's media device transfer plug-ins, remove "ml_pmp.dll" also. Restart Winamp.

    Installing ml_ipod

    Go to ml_ipod and download the latest build. After that just click through the setup file letting it install whatever it has selected.

    Using ml_ipod

    First plug your iPod in and see if it recognizes it. You should get a message saying "parsing iPod database". Now head over to ml-ipod's preferences. Preferences (Control+P)> General Preferences> iPod Support

    Lets say you have a lossless collection, but you don't want those large lossless files taking up space on your iPod. You can set rules for ml_ipod. It can look at each file being sent to your iPod and convert it to the file type you specify. Of course this takes longer, but it is worth it.
    Album Art

    Most of the stuff you will just want to leave alone. But ml_ipod does one thing iTunes does not do...
    Now you don't need to waste hard drive space with a .jpg file imbedded into each song. All you have to have is one image in the folder and ml_ipod will find it and imbed it during the transfer. This is much better for saving hard drive space on your PC. If you don't want any album art on your iPod, just uncheck those boxes and go right along your way.


    Now that the preferences are all straightened out and to your liking, plug in your iPod if it isn't plugged in already and go to the iPod section on the left panel. Click "Sync" it will ask you if you want to remove files that are on your iPod but not in your library if you have any. Make your choice, and it will sync your files.


    There you have it, a fully functional iPod transfer plug-in for Winamp.

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    or you could just use itunes :dunno:
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    :werd: less complicated, ftw
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    not to mention that this isn't a Windows forum
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    Since this is for Winamp, why is this in The Mac Shack?
    I see the grey area; it's a plugin to support iPods which are Apple, but the plugin is for Winamp and Winamp is only for Windows.

    And doesn't latest version of Winamp support the iPod now anyway?

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