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  1. I was just told that by Apple. There is NO replacement program like the one for the regular iPOD. Planned obsolesence by design. If the battery cannot be recharged anymore, you will have to buy a new iPOD MINI. It is only guaranteed for 2 years. They WILL replace it as a warranty issue, otherwise after that 2 years, start saving for a new one! This is exactally what I was just told by Apple themselves, 5 minutes ago.

    Well it was a good dream while it lasted, but Apple's famous greed has once again stopped me from buying their product.

    Scoot On... Marbles Mahoney, a former Apple fan.
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    after all that shit they went through with i doubt that they would do this, i'll wait for another confirmation on this.

    the ipod mini is a rip off from the begining, drop the price slightly and cut the memory in half :wtf:
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