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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by anemic, Jun 8, 2003.

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    Welcome to my list of questoins, I'm incredibly tired so i apologize in advance if it doesn't make sense...

    -I'm interested in getting a sportbike, the thing is that im 6'3" does anyone have suggestions?, I feel really big on some of the bikes that are out there.

    -What would you consider high mileage? Or are there any comparisons you could make like 20K miles on a bike is like 50k or 75K on a car? I can't get a straight answer from the dealers.

    -I've been looking at a Ducati Monster 750 dark, I really like it, any opinions on this bike? What is the maintenance like? are there service intervals? is the maintenance alot higher cost than a jap bike? This bike I have been looking at has 14,000 miles, would this be considered a lot?
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    High mileage would be anything over about 30k miles for a bike that's less than 5 years old.
    Ducatis are nice bikes, but they are expensive (to purchase, to maintain, to repair). If this is your first street bike, I'd say definitely start out on something smaller (engine-wise), and Japanese. Odds are you will crash at least once within your first couple of months riding, and Japanese replacement parts are a lot cheaper than Italian ones.

    I'd suggest you look at something like a used Honda CBR600F2 or F3. A friend of mine is huge (must be 6'6 at least, I'm 6' and he towers over me). He rides an F3 and seems to fit on it pretty well.

    Find a used bike shop and just go in and sit on a bunch of bikes to see what feels right. Don't let the dealer persuade you into something you're not ready for though. They're so quick to sell you on a new 600cc super sport or even larger just so they can make a phat commission on you. When I went in to buy my SV, the salesman kept trying to sell me a GSXR600 instead, even though I had done my research and knew it would be too much bike for me (and gee, the gsxr just happened to be $3k more :rolleyes: )

    Check out they give good advice there.

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