Billet Aluminum Wheels(help)

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Kapone, Aug 26, 2002.

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    I have a set of 18" Billet Specialties Wheels that i've had for quite some time now and have kept them in pretty good condition. Problem is, not long ago I went out of town and while out of town was having some stereo mods done at my buddies shop so I let him keep my truck. Well he cleaned my truck as he stated, but he used some sort of degreaser to clean the tires and that has left some pretty nasty spots on the wheels. I've used "Mothers", some stuff called "Blue Magic" and they both work as good as any that I've tried on this type of metal. Now my problem lies in the fact that the wheels are being sold because of the new 20's I've ordered. I need these wheels as clean as humanly possible ASAP. I read somewhere about a "Mothers Billet Polish" but have not been able to find it...

    Any suggestions?
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    Have you tried Mother's website? Other than that, I have no way of knowing where it would be available locally. Maybe your wheel/tire shop would know, or possibly a performance shop in your area.

    BTW, I guess you know why I don't recommend wheel cleaners. Regular car wash soap and weekly cleaning is all any wheel needs.

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