SRS Binge Eating / Food Addiction(anonymous thread)

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    I have realized that i have an addiction recently that's been ruining my life for 2 years...

    I've started binge-eating on the first year of university when i started smoking a lot of weed.And the residence food being so readily available, and the stress of being in a very tough program, i started binging...

    I left high school at a muscular build (185 at 6'), ery social, popular and good with the chicks and since then put on about 60 pounds... basically i'm fat and i hate seeing old high school friends.. and their look of suprise in their eye... I binge almost every evening, i barely eat during the time during my times of binging... When i get off from work/school, all i can think of is eating.. and not just one mcdonald's meal or one burrito, but 2-3 portions during one evening until my stomach hurt. It's very sad, i thought putting my weed in control would help but it didn't but i want to quit the food and the weed, but i binge without the weed as well.

    I go through cycles, i diet vigorously for 2-3 weeks (low-carb diets usuallly) lose alot of weight, and feel great... become social and outgoing again, get my old funny/cocky personality back a bit.. and sometimes even get a phone number or two because of the confidence i feel, but these phone numbers don't go anywhere because by the time i need to call them for a date, i'm back at binging and avoiding society... This is so depressing, i feel like i can either diet (following it very closely) or binge...

    This addiction ruined my academic performance as well, i just spend hours and hours watching tv shows and binging... I just put on a tv show and eat every night... It's so depressing.. i think being a bit depressed (being new at a university and away from home) brought on the binge eating at first, but now binge eating carries my's the cause of all my shortcomings... i'm not morbidly obese but i feel like it, i'm so self-consious, it makes me not wanna do anything...

    Anyways that's was me venting, and this is the part i ask for help... I came to understand this isn't just eating too much, it's the same cycle of being addicted.. I noticed that i literally relapse on my addiction.. So i want some help, and i don't mean going on diet websites and getting a list of which foods to eat... I think this is somehow genetic too, because i'm pretty sure two of my sisters are going through the same thing... One worse than the other... She's very depressed and doesn't go out.. She grew up very skinny and hot and popular in high school and so.. And what triggered her addiction was moving to Canada...

    Anyways ask away all questions and any advice or thought is appreciated..

    Also i know how people think "how can someone be addicted to food, just put the goddam donut down" but believe me it's not like that, i think it's the same as addiction to drugs... You know it's ruining your life but you can't stop it..

    started binge eating in university
    now depressed and anti-social (along with other things ) because of it
    looking for help.
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    i had a girlfriend once who was like this. what got her on the road to living better was finding a *good* therapist. the therapist taught her coping mechanisms and helped her to deal with the root problems that were responsible for the behavior. i suggest you try and find a therapist, and keep in mind you might not find one that's good for you immediately. i know you might feel weird about it, might feel there's a stigma against going to therapy, but that's all bullshit. there's no stigma against people going to the doctor when they're sick, right?

    she had this other nervous tick where she'd pick at her thumbs. she was instructed to keep a thick rubber band around her wrist, and whenever she caught herself doing picking her thumbs, she was to snap the thick rubber band around her wrist. im not sure if this would help with the binge eating but you might try it?

    the most successful things she did to combat the binge-eating were: regular exercise, only buying healthy foods (eating junk food made it harder for her to not binge) if she only bought the healthy stuff then it would be harder to eat junk food. set goals - if you go for X amount of time without bingeing reward yourself, buy a videogame or some shit. it's a psychological thing: she felt powerless to the problem and when she binged she would feel like she was "defeated" and then binge more, which was a vicious cycle. so, ask yourself when you're tempted, "how would i feel if i didn't binge?"
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    The binge eating is just a coping mechanism for deeper emotional problems. Food has become your drug of choice and you've become addicted to the way these foods make you feel. They are always there. They don't judge you and they make you feel good. But you feel guilty after you eat then start beating yourself up again, make an unrealistic diet plan then go right back to binging because all you want is to feel good from the one constant in your life again.

    As mentioned above, get therapy. I mean it. They can help you identify what is constantly driving you to eat and teach you coping mechanisms that will help you overcome this cycle of over eating, self loathing, self punishment and binging all over again.

    You are not your weight. Inside, you are a beautiful person that just needs help to overcome the problems you are having trouble facing. Once you are able to talk to someone about this and learn different ways to cope, you will learn to love yourself again for who you are on the inside and that will manifest itself on the outside.

    Have you ever seen that show A&E intervention? They had some really good episodes dealing with binge eating. You would be surprised how many people have this problem. You are not alone.

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