ENT GAME Bioshock bois: let us lose ourselves in elden ring


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Jan 16, 2012
tbh i really didn't like #1, but i played it after i played 2

1 just felt really clunky, 2 was way tighter

3 feelin good so far

That's why I started with 1 lol it can definitely be hard to go back to older games when the bar has been raised


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Sep 21, 2007
I couldn't get into Xenoblade 2, that combat system was so confusing and that story was so much bad anime writing
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Apr 8, 2006
I couldn't get into Xenoblade 2, that combat system was so confusing and that story was so much bad anime writing
combat took a little bit to understand but once you got into it it was pretty awesome imho


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Nov 27, 2017
Origins: pretty good pacing. beautiful setting. good protagonists soft antagonists. meh battle system but bow mechanics felt good.
Odyssey: bloaty McBloated game, just way too fucking big. Setting was beautiful but at some point you can only see so many Aegean pristine beaches. Kassandra carried that game w/ some interesting cast of characters scattered around. There is a great 40hr game in here and the rest could have been episodic or something.
Valhalla: man idk what I made of this thing months after finishing it. It was so meh. maybe not into the viking shit of it all but there really wasnt anything that I really loved about this game. Medieval Europe felt so tired to me. desire to be done w/ it got me through it. bloat beyond bloat. I supposed I learned some history?

it's funny that you said odyssey should've been 40 hours and in a previous post said 40 hours should've been cut, implying the game was 80 hours long. i put 160 hours into that game and did not 100% complete it, i didn't even do any of the free DLC side quests at all and there were a fuckin ton.

i did find the late stage areas to become tiresome because i was so overpowered by that point, but stealth killing entire fortresses at low level is some of the most fun stealth gaming i've ever had. once i could teleport around and one shot stealth kill every enemy in the game, even the hard ones, and chain this up to four times and leave no bodies behind it became a bit silly. i liked that there were reasons to have multiple sets of gear. i'd start off in my stealth armor that had 75% reduced health but like double stealth damage that was fully kitted out and end in the open and quickly swap to my melee armor, heal up, and chain powerful moves. i used hunter armor for some legendary beasts or whatever they were called but i used that set the least. i had all three sets fully optimized without buying the microtransaction bullshit.

i played on the hardest difficulty with level scaling turned on though. game had some really fuckin brutal fights early in the game. one reason i think i spent so much time in the game is because if i saw a fortress i was clearing it unless it was higher level than me and some of them took quite a while for me to fully clean out when i was still dragging bodies into bushes.

when kassandra showed up in the present day, that reminded me of some of the really dope story beats in the early games like when juno talks to desmond even though ezio is the one seeing juno. i wish they'd kept that kind of thing up, the whole greek mythology thing was cool and all and it was interesting seeing the technological versions, the minotaur area was fuckin tite for example, but there was this greater sense of mystery in the early games that i feel they lost. i guess once you reveal so much it's hard to have anymore mystery.
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Nov 27, 2017
oh you know what, Valhalla ending was kinda rad. the idea of small scope Basim game in Iraq is interesting

i still wanna play valhalla at some point but i'm not really excited to play it. feels like after origins and odyssey that it's time to move the franchise to somewhere else again. i like vikings though.

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