ENT GAME Bioshock boys: let us cum together over God of War Ragnarok


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Aug 26, 2002
DFW, Texas
Agreed on a lot of this, but I didn't mind the NERO missions. And yes the exposition on the motorcycles was used a lot, but it wasn't a huge deal. And you could skip shit, which is nice. And of course lots of other deails I have mentioned before, like easily switching your firing position based upon given cover.

Horizon IMO is inferior to Days Gone in most ways. When game controls are that clumsy, and the UI looks like an old-school WoW raid, that's a dealbreaker for me. The inventory management was visually repugnant. The overall art was great, and the machines were incredible, genuinely, but it failed to keep my attention past the first trial lodge.
I enjoyed Days Gone more than Horizon, also.
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Dec 16, 2004
Started Immortality. It's been like 7 yrs since Her Story was released and it seems like Barlow has been mostly honing his skill at this disjointed storytelling vs gameplay or anything else really. I remember finishing Her Story with my waifu over a rainy evening and remember wanting more of the same. It was a brilliant little game that earned every good review it got. Then we got Telling Lies which had the same idea of light gameplay and lots of disjointed videos to sift through. The gameplay was fine but the story was so fucking weak and the ending was so dumb that I never understood how it got all the reviews it got.

So yeah Immortality is about all this raw footage of the movies on set, and table readings, and behind the scenes, and rehearsals, and interviews, and trying to put it all together. So far it's not clear wtf is going on tbh but I really enjoy the length it goes to show you the filmmaking process and I'm enjoying these characters a bit.

Another thing is the gameplay. I really like the keyword searching in Barlow's first game and found it super boring in his second one because some clips would go on forever or it's a dude listening to a story so he's making :hmm: face for 6 fucking minutes. This one uses a visual search to connect the clips. It's a bit disorienting and feels imprecise. I can't say I like the gameplay controls so far but again it's early in the mystery so once I find a string and keep pulling on it it'll get more fun I hope. The vids are really engaging despite being quite long. So yeah we'll see.


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Mar 23, 2007
Who's gonna play the tlou remake? Strongly considering it. Apparently it looks stunning


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Mar 29, 2011
I dont know what to play either, got playstation premium and nothing seems fun, for some fucking reason I downloaded ghost recon wildlands, will probalby play an hour of it and delete it, know nothing about it but looking for something fun to play for about 1 hour each morning.

I could try Miles Morales, I do have forbidden west to start, I d/l Red Dead 2 but i tried to play the first mission and the screen is so fucking dark, even with the brightness settings all the way up that ill just wait until Im living in a house with a better TV or a room with better (less) lights - just renting this place until February so im not about to buy some expensive TV until I see where we land at the next house.

Never played any final fantasy, i could try 7 i guess too.
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