ENT GAME Bioshock boys: let us cum together over God of War Ragnarok


🤙 Dick was moist as fuck 🤙
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Feb 13, 2020
Blue Ridge Mountains
i’m probably ten hours ahead of you give or take, the game just keeps opening up huge areas and i’m legit stunned that theres more. everytime i get a new area i’m like okay this gotta be the last one and then they dump another one on me lol
I’m only like an hour and a half into the game so I’m glad to know that there is a shit load of content and this will keep me busy for a while
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Dec 28, 2012
just spent 90 min on those double dreki after you help freya finish her side quest

had already used my resurrection stone in this area, my rage meter was on zero, and was trapped back there as there was no gateway or any way out except through them

holy FUCK that was tough. was not prepared for that. thought about reloading an earlier save and coming back more prepared but made myself power through. every time you would focus on one the other would fire an electric or ice ball at your ass or just slam you from behind. had to be just absolutely nimble and almost no room for error
I know these feels. I actually hate when games just use gank like that to sloppily induce difficulty.
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Nov 27, 2017
i don't see a character when i hear Kratos, I only see that dude. he never emotes. just has this obnoxious voice all the time. BOI. god that was a crime against voice acting.

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