ENT GAME Bioshock boys: let us cum together over God of War Ragnarok


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Dec 7, 2000
New England
What I really don't understand though is how, as a game developer in this day and age, you wouldn't realize in advance how incredibly negative the consumer response to this sort of thing is going to be...


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Dec 16, 2004
arkham knight is still easily one of the best games i've ever played. happily 100% played it, played the game twice even. just as amazing every time. the batmobile fight with the oracle special outside the police station is a best of all time gaming moment, what a tremendously awesome fight. i had no issues with overuse of the batmobile, i loved the batmobile. sadly on the first playthrough i did with @Sphygmo we did not check the options and did not find the batmobile battle / driving toggle option which made the batmobile segments much, much more fun. should've been on by default.

rocksteady's growth from game to game was dope to watch happen. arkham asylum suffered from repeated boss fights and some annoying metroidvania style backtracking which became cumbersome at times. city added the open world and one of the most fun ways to navigate an open world in history, knight just bumped it to the next level with such a ridiculous variety of content and such incredible atmosphere and art design and flawless gameplay mechanics. racing down the street on the batmobile and jettisoning out to grapnel away was smooth and never got old.
That first one they did was such a tight experience. I also loved how you kept getting new gadgets to a point where I got little time with last two cause the game ended. It really influenced a lot too. The x-ray vision, 1 v many fight, stealth vs fight dilemma in every room. Spooder-mon grabbed a lot from that.

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