Bioshock boys: let us cum together over God of War Ragnarok


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Dec 7, 2000
New England
Reading another thread about Ragnarok on r/Truegaming and I realized what so many of these people remind me of, when they act completely perplexed and put off by the fact that games they don't like get reviewed well. :mamoru:

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Sep 21, 2007
Yeah, that shit was making me roll my eyes a bit too. :rofl: wouldn't have ruined the game for me, but I'm definitely glad they included an option to reduce it. Hopefully they just turn it down by default, I'm sure most of the feedback they're getting from the demo has to be saying the same thing about it.
I think it would ruin the game for me. I think I found it more annoying than GoW and HFW because I already know and like the characters from those games so I can look past that kinda stuff. There were definitely some moments where I yelled at my tv when playing both of those games :rofl:

I'll have to wait for the actual reviews, but I don't see this game getting rated higher than a 7.5


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Nov 27, 2017
if i havent played an assassins creed since like the second one

origins a good start?q

the meta story basically ended with 3 and all the rest has been spinning their wheels so you won't be missing anything there, basically Desmond uncovered the precursor race and freed the technological ghost of one that has been meddling with humanity ever since, taking over Abstergo, that's all you need to know. they had to free this one (Juno) to stop the apocalypse from happening.

i would just play Odyssey. Origins is cool and all but you'll experience major fatigue if you play both (unless you play them years apart) and Odyssey is better in every single way and then some.


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Nov 27, 2017
i left the quips at default didn’t really bother me, i think i’m less triggered by it than most bc aloy, kratos etc none of them bothered me at all lol

don't see how Aloy couldn't bother you. Ashly's dead delivery of her constant, incessant, pointless lines was so offputting.
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Jun 10, 2007
Diablo IV, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and FF XVI all come out within like a few weeks of each other. I feel bad for whoever wants to play all of those lol
That's me. But I'm bracing for two of the three to be a letdown so we'll see


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Oct 5, 2004
harvey smith made my 2016 GotY (Dishonored 2) and bethesda made my 2015 GoTY (Fallout 4) so it's extremely likely that either one of their next games will be my GotY
That's a fair rationale. Fallout 4 was tremendous. Didn't try Dishonored.
don't see how Aloy couldn't bother you. Ashly's dead delivery of her constant, incessant, pointless lines was so offputting.
I can't stand that shit.
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