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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by ElDude, Sep 12, 2004.

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    I'll ask it anyway.

    I'm currently thinking of getting a coolpix 8700 (or the canon alternative, I'm not even at the stage of comparing yet), unless I get more money than I originally thought, then I'd consider the D70. Anyway, I've looked around for information on the 8700 and everywhere seems to say that the camera by itself is £480 or around that area. Now, I've just looked at Nikon.co.uk and their price says £690 (also while I'm thinking about it, why can't I paste links into this window?) now is there a new model out or have Nikon not bothered updating/revising their pricing from when it did come out? Looking at various sites £690 would buy me a decent kit to go along with the camera.

    So, what gives? (if the answer is really obvious, please don't hurt me :big grin:)
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    MSRP is often different than street price. In the US it should be under $1000. Personally, of all the 8mp cams, I'd look at the Minolta A2 first, then, the Olympus, then possibly the Sony Nikon or Canon.

    The Minolta was image stabilization, by far the most detailed viewfinder, the EFV automatically turns on when you put you eye up to it, manual zoom control etc.

    The Nikon also has the slowest lens, but most zoom of the group

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