GUN Black Hills 5.56mm 77gr SMK and 50gr being released


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May 23, 2006
Burma only out for now.

The BHA commercial 556 77 is the exact same ammo as MK262 Mod1 except for packaging type, nomenclature, and required military lot acceptance testing. It is first quality ammunition,not cosmetic seconds. It is new production and not repackaged except in the sense it is in commercial packaging vs military. You can be assured contruction, standards and performance are identical to the MK262 Mod 1 the military gets.

Re pricing in general, just a note on what our vendors are telling us. Copper is at an all time high. Everyone in the industry was watching the metal market at the end ofthe year and hoping it would retreat. It did not. We are being advised to expect 10% component price increases beginning of second quarter. That means our cost of production is going up. Whether that translates into higher ammo selling prices universally throughout the industry , I don't know. There is a definitely softer commercial market currently than we have seen for years. The economy is down, the shooting public is not particularly worried about gun control and folks are, at the moment, not unduly afraid of terrorism, world events etc. (That could however change overnight) The current softer commercial market may have some effect in keeping pricing of some items such as M855 type ammo down. BHA will not be reducing our dealer pricing on MK262 or the commercial equivelant ammunition
Picked up a couple myself.


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Jul 27, 2002
I've shot their "match ammo" and it fucking sucks.

If you need match ammo, you should load it yourself, for your gun, and ladder progressed till you know it's what you need to be shooting. Never count on a company's ammo to work well out of your weapon.

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